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What is the belong project?

The Belong Project is about life's complexities starting with where we belong. Where we sit at the center of our life and how we create the balance within us can determine where our place in life truly is. There is so much in life that dictates how we are to be. I believe so strongly that our entire identity comes from the influences around us, but more importantly, how we connect and make sense of this for ourselves and how we identify our own lives.

Where do you Belong?

A project by: Jason Mills  

 Our lives don't belong to us, 
belong to those whom we support, 

who believe in  us, 

and stand by us and support us! 


Hi, I'm Jason. I design for companies, teams, individuals, and NGOs in initiatives and campaigns.

I am creating the Belong Project in pursuit of helping people, and myself, gain connections to where we belong. We all come from various backgrounds and places and the connections we make along the way give us the sense of where we belong.   

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